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How to Create Lab Color Presets
Matt Kloskowski shows how to use the improved Curves dialog to make easy work of boosting your colors in the Lab Color space.
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Rich Black and Whites
Black and white photos are great, but many of the really nice black and white work actually has a little color tint in it.
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Saving Time Working in Lightroom 2 and Photoshop CS4
Martin Evening shares an important, time-saving tip for creating a panorama in Lightroom 2.
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Join Mark for a 4-Part Color Management Video Tutorial Series designed to shed light on the confusing color management equation.
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From Photo to Graphic Art
Learn how to quickly and easily turn ordinary photos into unique pieces of graphic art.
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How to Create the Breakout Effect
Matt Kloskowski shares a cool technique that involves using two simple images and a layer.
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Restoring Torn Photos
Learn a different approach for bringing two pieces of a torn photo together. The end result looks great.
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A New Way to Flatten
Matt Kloskowski explains how you can flatten your layers without actually flattening them for good.
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Create & Retouch a Beautiful Poster - Part 1
Video Tutorial: Learn to design and retouch a professional and beautiful poster!
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Retouch Glamour Photography in Photoshop
A 50min tutorial covering all aspects of professional model retouching.
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