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PackshotCreator R3

by PackshotCreator
Posted: 23-Apr-12

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Discover the complete Packshot Cretor R3 photo studio to create HD pictures and 360-degree interactive animations of your products on a pure white background. This innovative solution includes a lightbox made of dimmable walls, a 360-degree turntable and a software which controls the whole equipment. Place your product in the lightbox, shoot and generate animations from the software!
Animations generated can be in Flash or HTML5 formats (iOS and Android support).

Other System Requirements:

OS: Windows® ME / 2000 / XP or Windows 7 (Administrator Account) CPU: Pentium® or equiv. (2 GHz or higher preferred) RAM: Min. 1 GB (2 GB preferred) VGA: Min. 1024 x 768, True color Monitor Type: CRT or LCD monitor 3 USB ports min., CD ROM Drive Internet connection with active email account (optional) Voltage: AC 220-240V

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Price: 10 485
Language: English
Version: V3
Platform: Mac | Windows
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Publisher: PackshotCreator

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