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PhotoKit Sharpener™

by Pixel Genius
Posted: 24-Apr-09

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Other products may provide useful sharpening tools, but only PhotoKit Sharpener provides a complete image "Sharpening Workflow". From capture to output, PhotoKit Sharpener intelligently produces the optimum sharpness on any image, from any source, reproduced on any output device. You can download a fully operational demo version of the PhotoKit Sharpener plug-in for either Macintosh or Windows and try it for yourself for seven days.

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CS3 Extended


CS4 Extended

Cost: Pay
Price: $99.95
Language: English
Version: 1.2.6
Platform: Mac | Windows
Downloads: 902
Trial: Yes
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Publisher: Pixel Genius

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johan Vanbecelaere (1 Review)

part of my pro workflow since years. Never failed saving me, they should triple the price

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