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Seamless Studio by COLOURlovers

by Darius Monsef
Posted: 19-Jul-11

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Seamless Studio is a desktop app that makes it super simple to design great-looking vector patterns for all kinds of creative projects.

Import Custom Shapes
Open SVGs from other editors to use in your patterns.

Export to Other Formats
Save your pattern as a SVG, PNG, or JPG image.

Infinitely Scalable
Export SVGs that scale beautifully to any resolution.

Easy Sharing
Upload your patterns straight to

Layers / Groups
Organize and rearrange shapes simply.

& More!

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Cost: Shareware
Price: 49
Language: English
Version: 1.1
Platform: Linux | Mac | Windows
Requires: Adobe AIR 2.5
Downloads: 532
Trial: Yes
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Publisher: Darius Monsef

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