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Mastering The Pen Tool

by Kelby Training
Posted: 10-May-09

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Learn how to use basic paths, vector masks, and complex selections inside Photoshop®

* Raster vs. Vector
* Pen and Shape Tools
* Pen and Shape Options
* Paths Panel
* Anatomy of a Path
* Create and Edit Paths
* Vector Masking
* Clipping Paths
* Vector and Layer Mask
* Shape Layers
* Selections
* Convert Text Into Paths
* Wrapping Text Inside a Shape
* Text on a Path
* Painting with Paths
* Importing and Exporting Paths
* Creative Techniques
* Illustrating Techniques Using Paths

Proficiency: All
Author: Corey Barker
Publisher: Kelby Media Group Inc

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Publisher: Kelby Training

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