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Sample Skin for Strobe/Flash Media Playback
A complete custom skin (with source) for Strobe Media Playback and Flash Media Playback. Use as-is, or as a guide for your own!
5.0 5 ratings
StageVideo Plugin
An experimental plugin to demonstrate just one technique for introducing StageVideo into OSMF.
5.0 1 ratings
Sample OSMF Flash Video Players
4 sample players written for Flash/AS3: a simple OSMF player, a larger OSMF player, and two CompositeElement samples.
5.0 2 ratings
GTrack OSMF Plugin
The GTrack plugin is a proxy plugin for OSMF that allows for page and event stracking through XML configuration.
4.5 2 ratings
Media Container Example with Banner Interactivity
Extended code example from OSMF 1.5 source, demonstrating banner placement and interactivity.
5.0 2 ratings
Flash Video Ambilight Effect
Tutorial on implementing ambience light effect on flash video player background. Help to improve TV like experience.
5.0 1 ratings
OSMF Resume Video from Breakpoint plug-in
For media portals delivering lengthy video content it could be useful to give users a chance to resume video from breakpoint
5.0 1 ratings
OSMF Video QoS
Tutorial on implementing online video QoS in Google Analytics
5.0 1 ratings
Spark-based OSMF components for building full media players in Flex 4
0.0 0 ratings
VideoPress powers video playback experiences for WordPress sites, including Progressive download, detailed stats.
4.5 4 ratings
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