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A Unique Photoshop® Mousepad

by Dadan Press
Posted: 10-Nov-09

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The Photoshop® mousepad contains the most powerful keyboard shortcuts used by Photoshop® CS4 and CS3 professionals (like it's author). Some of them are easy to find. But some are known only to a few.
This high quality, ecological (PVC-free) mousepad is compatible with all kinds of computer mice. It's dimensions are 9.52" x 7.54" (24 x 19 cm.) The pad's outer layer is scratch-proof.
You'll have the Photoshop® shortcuts always at hand, whenever you need them. So Buy, Learn and become a Pro.

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CS3 Extended


CS4 Extended

Cost: Pay
Price: 9.99 USD
Language: English
Version: CS3,CS4
Platform: Windows
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Publisher: Dadan Press

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