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Illuminating HDR eBook

by Mark Johnson
Posted: 19-Nov-10

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Unlike any other HDR resource, Illuminating HDR features two comprehensive workflows (Bridge > Photomatix > Adobe Camera Raw > Photoshop) and (Lightroom > Photomatix > Lightroom > Photoshop) plus crystal clear techniques for bracketing exposures, replacing unattractive skies, eliminating ghosted subjects, and more. This fully printable, Mac and PC-compatible eBook covers Photomatix 4, Photoshop CS5, and Lightroom 3. To view the Table of Contents and to order, visit

Proficiency: All
Author: Mark S. Johnson
Publisher: Mark S. Johnson Photography

Other System Requirements:

This eBook is a whopper of a download (655 MB to be exact). If your internet connection is slow or prone to hiccups, you may be better off purchasing the CD version found at .

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Publisher: Mark Johnson

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