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Real World HDR

by Kelby Training
Posted: 08-May-09

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HDR is one of the hottest trends in digital photography right now and we're going to dive in head first during this online training course.

* What is HDR
* How to Shoot for HDR
* Photoshop's Built-in HDR tools
* Photomatix
* Tone Mapping Detail Enhancer, Tone Compressors
* Saving
* Post Processing in Lightroom®, Camera Raw
* Add Photoshop®
* Surreal Fantasy Style
* Photomatix Batching, HDR Panoramas
* Pseudo-HDR from One Photo
* HDR Workflow with Lightroom®, Bridge® and Photoshop®

Proficiency: All
Author: Matt Kloskowski
Publisher: Kelby Media Group Inc

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Publisher: Kelby Training

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