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SMP Pop Art Elements
Transform your images with this fun filled yet technically serious set of 28 one-click actions.
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SMP Studio Light Collection
Every style/color grading popularized by advertising/fashion photographers ihas been infused in each of these 43 actions.
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SMP Urban Retro Collection
SMP Urban Retro Collection brings the ghetto and underground art culture in the house.
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Square Catalogue Portfolio
Square Brochure, easy to modify and personalize, flexible for every needs.
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Atmospheric FX
Learn how to create the weather with Adobe® Photoshop®
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Accelerate your editing by automatically loading files with a single keystroke.
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L-L Guide to Asset management
'Where the #%*! are My Pictures?' 3 Hours of Training videos with Michael Reichmann & Seth Resnick
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Mastering HDR Challenges
Hands-on master class in HDR workflow using Adobe Photoshop CS4, Adobe Lightroom 2 and Photomatix Pro.
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Mastering Layers in Photoshop CS4
Learn how to effectively and creatively use Layers to take your photos and digital art from good to fantastic
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Professional Studio Lighting Workshop
A lighting workshop where you photograph a professional model and do a number of food shoots with a professional food stylist.
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