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What's new in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

The Adobe Mercury Transmit feature enables third-party capture cards to plug
directly in to the performance of the Mercury Playback Engine. The feature gives

Adobe Premiere Pro Help | About effects

Information about whether a clip can be processed by the CUDA hardware
acceleration portion of the Mercury Playback Engine depends on the dimensions
of ...

Adobe Premiere Pro * What's new (CS5.5)

Mercury Engine Performance Gains: New GPU-accelerated features include
speed changes, footage interpretation options, field-order processing, and video

Adobe Premiere Pro * What's new (CS5)

The Mercury Playback Engine delivers native 64-bit support, GPU acceleration,
and other performance and stability improvements. Open projects faster, refine ...

Adobe Premiere Pro Help | Creating and changing projects

If a qualified CUDA card is installed, the choice for hardware rendering and
playback with the Mercury Playback Engine will be enabled. For more
information ...

New features in Premiere Pro CC June 2013 release (version 7.0)

You can assign a keyboard shortcut to toggle video preview through Mercury
Transmit on and off. To do so, select Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts. In the Keyboards

What's New in Adobe Premiere Pro CC June 2013 release (version ...

IMPORTANT: Apart from the features listed in this article, the Premiere Pro CC
June release includes several useful features that help you be more productive ...

Adobe Premiere Pro Help | Preferences

If a third-party capture card is installed, click the Settings button to daccess the
Mercury Transmit dialog box for video formats, and pixel formats. A checkbox is ...