What is Adobe Anywhere?
  • Adobe Anywhere is a breakthrough workflow platform that empowers teams using Adobe Premiere Pro and Prelude to collaborate with centralized media and assets across standard networks. Adobe Anywhere complements Adobe Creative Cloud to enable deep collaboration features for production workflows. It brings a focused collaboration feature set to enterprise customers without remote editors.
  • Anywhere uses centralized storage and computing resources within your facility to create a secure, efficient workflow customized to your needs. It allows a great amount of flexibility for setup within a local area network. For deployments that include the Mercury Streaming Engine, remote team members access the same environment across the Internet via VPN.  
  • Teams using Anywhere need specific versions of Adobe video software, such as Premiere Pro CC. These video applications, along with other leading Adobe creative tools, are available through a membership in Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise.
What are the benefits of Anywhere?
Teams using Anywhere benefit from the power of collaboration in many ways:
  • Time savings — Avoid spending time searching for files, projects, or media. Quickly create a news story, commercial, or promo and distribute it to global teams faster than current production workflows.
  • Virtual talent — For systems that include the Mercury Streaming Engine, teams can work with editors and producers, no matter where they are located. Build the right teams for projects based on skill set, not location.
  • Creative freedom — Allow workflows in which users have the time and ability to create multiple versions of a project, as well as collaborate with one another on shared work in progress.
What software does Anywhere require?
  • Anywhere integrates directly with specific versions of Premiere Pro CC and Prelude CC (Windows and OS X).
Will I still be able to use my Adobe products on my local computer without Anywhere?
  • Yes. Premiere Pro CC and Prelude CC can be used in standalone mode or in a collaborative environment with Anywhere. In standalone mode, you use project files stored on your local computer as you would with previous versions of the applications. For collaborative workflows, you log in to Anywhere and then you can use shared assets and work with others on your production team who also are using Anywhere.
What video formats will I be able to use with Anywhere?
Does Anywhere support third-party plug-ins?
  • Yes, Anywhere includes support for third-party effects. You should check with your plug-in manufacturer about licensing. While Adobe does not have a publicly available list of supported plug-ins, all plug-ins supported by Premiere Pro should work. You can find a list at helpx.adobe.com/ch_it/premiere-pro/plug-ins.html
Does Anywhere require a media asset management system (MAM)?
  • Client workstations access the media storage directly, so an MAM is not required. All importing, rendering, and exporting is done by the end user within the Creative Cloud client application. However, MAM functionality is supported via a client SDK, and many MAM vendors have completed integration with Premiere Pro. A list appears at helpx.adobe.com/ch_it/anywhere/plug-ins/plug-ins.html.  
Will older versions of Premiere Pro and Prelude work with Anywhere?
Will team members need to learn new applications to use Anywhere?
  • No. Anywhere integrates directly with Premiere Pro CC and Prelude CC, so there is virtually no learning curve. Video and broadcast professionals can begin working collaboratively with remote assets in a matter of minutes.
How is Anywhere related to Creative Cloud?
  • Anywhere is a separate offering from Creative Cloud. It is hosted on-premises for complete control and security.

    Enterprise organizations using Anywhere will need to have the latest versions of Adobe video software, such as Premiere Pro CC. These video applications, along with other leading Adobe creative tools, are available as part of an Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise membership.    
Which version of Anywhere is available now?
  • Anywhere version 3.0 is now available. A new version will be available later this summer. For more information, contact your Adobe account representative.
How do I purchase Anywhere?
  • Anywhere and Creative Cloud for enterprise are available exclusively via an Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA), Adobe’s customizable volume licensing program. Working with your Adobe account executive, a three-year agreement can be crafted to cover Creative Cloud for enterprise and Anywhere. The ETLA can also include additional Adobe products such as Adobe Acrobat, Digital Publishing Suite, Adobe Sign, Adobe Stock, and more in a single agreement. For more information, please visit www.adobe.com/go/broadcast.
  • Please keep in mind that at this time, Anywhere is an enterprise-only solution that is not appropriate for small workgroups.
How do I learn more about Adobe Anywhere?