Adobe Cookbooks

Frequently asked questions

This page lists frequently asked questions about the cookbooks.

Can I post content that I posted in my blog?

Yes, you are allowed to post your blog content in the cookbook, as long as the content falls within the guidelines for appropriate cookbook content. You must also retain publishing rights to your content; ie, if you have published your content with a publisher and have given up rights to that publisher, you must request permission from the publisher before posting the content in the cookbook.

Where do I send feedback/errors/feature requests for the cookbooks?

Submit your feedback, errors experienced, or feature requests for cookbooks in the cookbooks feedback forum.

How are ratings calculated?

The average rating for each cookbook post is calculated by mathematic average for the cookbook post (the sum of the ratings, divided by the number of ratings). The Top posts are listed in an order based on a Bayesian calculation, which takes into account all ratings for all posts in the cookbook, and is sometimes called a "weighted rating." Learn more about Bayesian methods from Wikipedia.

When I post an Adobe AIR cookbook and select "Yes" for the O'Reilly opt-in option, why am I redirected to a Flex cookbook page that asks for my name and address?

The page you are redirected to will be updated very soon to apply to all cookbooks authors who want to opt-in for consideration for publication for O'Reilly Media books. If you selected "Yes" to this O'Reilly opt-in option, your post will still indeed be considered for a future publication, and we apologize for any confusion that the collection page may cause you.

What is the partnership with O'Reilly Media?

Adobe created the cookbook websites in partnership with O'Reilly Media based on their popular "cookbook recipe" format. Our cookbook sites give authors the opportunity to have their recipes considered for upcoming O'Reilly Media books. How do you get involved? When you compose your recipe in the online site, select the choice to be considered for an upcoming O'Reilly publication at the bottom of the "Compose an entry" page. Who knows, you could end up in a future print publication from O'Reilly Media! Read more about upcoming opportunities in the Adobe AIR and Flex cookbooks:

  • In May 2008, O'Reilly Media published Flex 3 Cookbook: Code-Recipes, Tips, and Tricks for RIA Developers, by Josh Noble and Todd Anderson, and a host of authors/recipes from our online Adobe Flex cookbook. Josh and Todd plucked recipes from the live site that they included in the book. Keep posting your recipes, because there are plans for updating the book in the future!
  • From June 2, 2008 to August 1, 2008, there will be a Flex 3 Cookbook Cook-Off contest, where there is a possibility to win some great prizes. The recipes submitted to the Flex cookbook site during this time will be judged and winners will be announced in September. Read all about it on the Adobe Developer Connection.
  • O'Reilly Media is working on an Adobe AIR Cookbook print publication by authors Dave Tucker, Marco Casario, Rich Tretola, Koen De Weggheleire, to be released this year. Again, similar to our previous partnership with O'Reilly, the authors will select recipes to include in their book. They've made their call for AIR cookbook recipes. Compose your recipe, submit it, select the O'Reilly opt-in option, and you too could be included in this upcoming book!