Recorded Macrochats

Below are some previously recorded Macrochats, which are hour-long technical presentations. While you are viewing, please keep in mind that these presentations were delivered to a live audience. If you are looking for more information on any of the products or features highlighted in the Macrochats, please visit the Macromedia Developer Center.

Session Speaker

BreezeFlash Video Basics

Macromedia Product Support Enginner, Bentley Wolfe

BreezeCreating Scrolling Text with Flash

Macromedia Product Support Enginner, Kenneth Toley

BreezeLip Syncing in Flash

Team Macromedia Member, Chris Georgenes

BreezeFlash Video Kit

Director of Product Marketing, Chris Hock

BreezeIntro to Flash for CF Users

Product Manager, Developer Relations, Christian Cantrell

BreezeDrawing and Animating a Character in Macromedia Flash MX 2004

Team Macromedia Member, Chris Georgenes

BreezeSix Advanced Flash Video Techniques

New Toronto's senior consultant and certified Macromedia Trainer, Kevin Towes

New Toronto Group

BreezeFlash for Artists

Macromedia Certified Trainer, Arthur Phillips
Session Speaker

BreezeTroubleshooting FTP issues in DW

Macromedia Product Support Enginner, David Alcala

BreezeCustomizing and Extending Dreamweaver MX 2004

Team Macromedia Member, Danilo Celic

BreezeCSS for Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver Product Evangelist, Greg Rewis

BreezeDesigning with Dreamweaver

Macromedia Dreamweaver Product Team
Session Speaker

BreezePartial Page Caching in CF

Ray Camden, Team Macromedia, User Group Manager

BreezeCF Event Gateways

ColdFusion Architect, Tom Jordahl

BreezeSecuring Your ColdFusion MX Server: Best Practices for Security and Performance

Philadelphia CFUG Manager, Stephen Rittler

BreezeIntro to Flash for CF Users

Product Manager, Developer Relations, Christian Cantrell

BreezeAdvanced Development Techniques in CFML

Team Macromedia member, Simon Horwith
Session Speaker

BreezeUsing Director .ini and AlertHook to troubleshoot script errors

Macromedia Product Support Enginner, Boaz Englesberg

BreezeDirector MX 2004 New Features, Putting It All Together

Macromedia Product Engineer, Thomas Higgins
Session Speaker

BreezeCapturing Quiz Responses

Macromedia Product Support Engineer, David Mozealous

BreezeCaptivate Overview

Silke Fleischer, Product Manager, Macromedia
Additional Macrochats
Session Speaker

BreezeFireworks Best Practices (2456)

Macromedia Product Support Enginner, Alan Musselman

BreezeFreeHand MX Raster Effects

John Nosal

BreezeRoboHelp Conditional Build Tags

Macromedia Product Support Enginner, Jason Price

BreezeBOTS (Breeze Online Transaction System)

Peter Ryce, Breeze Evangelist, Macromedia

BreezeWhat is Gemini, and Why Should You Care

Product Manager, Developer Relations Christian Cantrell

BreezeFlex Builder 1.0


Macromedia QA Engineer, Gabriel Chua

BreezeEllipsis (note: the first 5 minutes cover an event called Flugtag and then Mike begins his presentation.)

Mike Chambers

BreezeC3, FP and WPS

Lawson Hancock & Erik Larson

BreezeMicrosoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)


Waleed Anbar

BreezeDelegating Web Content Updates with Macromedia Contribute

Macromedia Product Manager, Lawson Hancock

BreezeIntroduction to RoboHelp

Macromedia Product Manager, Michael Hamilton

BreezeFlex for Java Users

Macromedia Sales Engineer, Kevin Hoyt

BreezeeLearning Development with Authorware 7

Macromedia Software Engineer, Andrew Chemey