Compliance 101

Adobe solutions enable businesses to comply with new legislation by improving three areas:

Managing daily business processes

By simplifying and automating the management of day-to-day processes, particularly manual workarounds, organizations can better ensure compliance. For example, documents play a crucial role in compliance and are used to:

  • Track steps undertaken to achieve compliance
  • Communicate controls, policies, and procedures
  • Record standards to measure level of compliance
  • Archive regulatory documents

The Adobe® Intelligent Document Platform helps businesses automate these tasks, resulting in more accurate documents produced faster.

Improving process visibility

Adobe solutions help businesses raise customer and shareholder confidence by increasing the integrity of operations. Legislation such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act focuses on the accuracy and completeness of financial reports and the oversight of auditors. With Adobe solutions, a company's automated processes can provide a clear audit trail and communicate corporate policies for controllers, stakeholders, and key participants.

Accelerating compliance

New U.S. government mandates require corporations to file financial reports in less time (for example, 30 days instead of 45 for year-end financials). Adobe solutions enable efficient collaboration so companies can quickly communicate material changes in financial condition or company operations to investors and the public, while maintaining process control and security.