Adobe Employee Community Fund

Every year, Adobe sets aside 1% of our pre-tax profits to invest in communities. In 2013, we invested over $58 million - in cash and in-kind - worldwide.

Adobe Employee Community Fund
The Adobe Foundation supports programs and organizations that help make our communities better, stronger, and more vibrant places to live, work, and do business.We partner with employees to direct where Adobe Foundation funds are locally distributed through the Adobe Employee Community Fund. These grants are employee-directed based on local needs and implemented by Corporate Responsibility Action Teams at 23 of our largest sites around the world. 
Matching Grants
Whether our employees choose to support local communities through volunteer service or charitable donations, we’re able to significantly increase the impact of their generosity through our Matching Grant program.
By matching our employees’ donations of time, cash, or securities to eligible nonprofit organizations and schools, we’re able to boost the value of their individual contributions to up to $10,000 per calendar year. All current, full-time Adobe employees worldwide can apply for Matching Grants.
For every 20 hours of volunteer service an Adobe employee contributes to one or more eligible community organizations, we’ll offer a Matching Grant of $250, and for every eligible group volunteer project completed by a minimum of 10 Adobe employees, we’ll offer a Matching Grant of $1,000 - up to $10,000 US. In addition, we match employee donations of cash and securities at a 1:1 ratio.Between 2008-12, Adobe matched $10M in matching grants and $833K in volunteer grants. In 2013 alone, nearly 40 percent of Adobe employees participated in the Matching Grants program worldwide, and provided nearly $3.5 million in matching grants for donations of time and money in the US alone.