Creative collaboration. Customized deployment.

Give your agency’s creative teams the industry-leading apps they want — and get the secure, customizable deployments your IT team requires.

  1. My organization needs to ensure that our data is safe and access is reliable. How do I get more information about the security measures included with Creative Cloud?
  2. Can IT continue to package the Creative Cloud apps and services for deployment using existing deployment infrastructure?

    Yes, IT packaging tools will continue to be provided for customization and packaging of the Creative Cloud apps and services. The packager will output Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) or Mac OS X PKG installers for enterprise deployment and imaging.

  3. What if my organization doesn't want to update as soon as Adobe releases new desktop applications via Creative Cloud?

    Your IT team has complete control over which apps, services, and features are packaged and deployed, and when. Versions can be vetted in production or via pilots before they are deployed across the organization.

  4. Can IT control who has access to Creative Cloud storage, services, and applications?

    Yes, IT controls the deployment of creative apps and updates by creating customized deployment packages (industry-standard MSI and PKG files) with the free Creative Cloud Packager. The new Adobe Enterprise Dashboard lets IT control which users and groups within your organization have access to cloud storage and services.

  5. What if my organization doesn't want to use Adobe IDs for login to Creative Cloud?

    IT administrators can still deploy Creative Cloud for enterprise with serial numbers, which means users will be anonymous and can work in offline environments. However, if you want to take advantage of the new Adobe Enterprise Dashboard for easier license management or you want your users to access cloud storage or cloud services, then you’ll want to deploy the creative apps to named users using either Adobe IDs or Enterprise IDs. You decide which option is best for your organization, and you can even mix and match for different users and groups.

"We've seen success. Creative Cloud helps enable innovation, it helps people be more creative, and it increases collaboration."
— Left of Creative, consultancy for the U.S. Navy, Washington, D.C.

Purchasing options for government

With the new Creative Cloud for enterprise solution, a single three-year contract covers your most customizable solution yet. See additional licensing options below.

Creative Cloud desktop apps

Anonymous licensing

Creative Cloud for teams

Named‐user licensing

Creative Cloud for enterprise

Flexible licensing

For small group deployments.

For small to medium-sized teams and government agencies of up to 150 users. For government deployments of over 150 users.

Offline deployment of creative apps for secure environments.

Access to the complete set of creative apps with optional services and storage for sharing, collaborating, and publishing. Access to the complete set of creative apps with services and storage, plus centralized license management and deployment, enterprise support, and integration with other Adobe enterprise offerings.

— —

Online services and storage included. Can be customized to fit the specific needs of each department — with or without services and storage.

Available through the Adobe Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP).

Available through the Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP). Available through a customizable three‐year Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA).


For more information on these options, you can also contact an Adobe Authorized Reseller.


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