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Adobe Bridge

Adobe® Bridge is the navigational control center introduced with Adobe Creative Suite 2 software and now available as part of Adobe Production Studio* software. Adobe Bridge provides centralized access to your project files, applications, and settings, along with XMP metadata tagging and searching capabilities. With file organization and sharing, plus Adobe Stock Photos, at your fingertips all the time, Adobe Bridge provides a more efficient creative workflow and keeps you on top of your print, web, video, and mobile projects.


Your creative hub

See how Adobe Bridge serves as the hub for your Adobe Creative Suite 2 projects.

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Compare Bridge features in Creative Suite 2 and CS2 standalone products

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Adobe Bridge features for both Adobe Creative Suite 2 and Adobe Production Studio

Organized assets

Quickly organize, browse, locate, and view the assets you need every day with visual previews and scalable thumbnails: Adobe Photoshop® images, Adobe Illustrator® graphics, Adobe PDF files, Adobe Premiere® Pro video clips, Adobe After Effects® motion graphics and visual effects projects, Adobe InDesign® layouts, Adobe Audition® audio files, Adobe Encore® DVD files, Adobe GoLive® web pages, and a variety of standard file formats.

Organized assets

Accessibility anywhere

Jump to Adobe Bridge from within any component of either Adobe Creative Suite 2 or Production Studio. Either work in it as a standalone application or have it float onscreen as a palette.

Powerful file searching

Tag files using XMP metadata, making file searching fast and effective. Search for files on a hard drive or across a network using extensive XMP metadata information; for example, search by comment, shot name or number, script dialog, or camera used, or find files that use a certain PANTONE® color or set of fonts.

Image processing and searches

Process multiple images (including camera raw images) at once. Resize, rate, and label thumbnails in Slideshow or Filmstrip mode. Save searches as Collections that you can recall anytime. For Production Studio component applications, you can then drag and drop images into the project window of your choice to open the file in that application.

Convenient access to stock photos

Browse and search royalty-free images from leading stock photo agencies using Adobe Stock Photos in one convenient, familiar location. Purchase images from several agencies in a single shopping cart, and manage your imagery without ever leaving Adobe Creative Suite 2 or Adobe Production Studio.

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Stock photos

Scripting support

Automate labor-intensive tasks across components of Adobe Creative Suite 2 or Adobe Production Studio by writing JavaScripts or using included workflow script examples (Creative Suite 2 only). Then store your scripts in a central location for easy access or to share with colleagues.

Adobe Bridge features exclusively in Adobe Creative Suite 2

Bridge Center

View and access recent files and folders, plus RSS feeds and software tips and tricks, from Bridge Center, an exclusive feature of Adobe Bridge in Creative Suite 2 and the starting point for all your projects.

Bridge Center

Centralized color settings

Set color preferences from a central control panel in Bridge Center for more consistent color in your projects and files. This single set of preferences controls color settings for Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS2, and InDesign CS2, so screen and print output match closely as you work file to file.

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Project and file sharing

Access multiple versions of your files and track alternate renditions through Version Cue® CS2 in Adobe Bridge. Actively track the status of project files and collaborate more easily by sharing this information across workgroups.

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Adobe Bridge features exclusively in Adobe Production Studio

Reveal in Bridge

Easily access the file management features of Adobe Bridge by selecting a file from the project window of any Production Studio component and opening the file directly in the Adobe Bridge file browser.

Reveal in Bridge

Smart import

Import files easily by launching the Adobe Bridge file browser from within one of the Production Studio standalone applications; double-click files of any type to open them directly in the application you're working in. (For example, when launching Adobe Bridge from inside Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, all files are temporarily associated with Adobe Premiere Pro.)

*If you already have Adobe Bridge installed on your system as part of Adobe Creative Suite 2, installing Production Studio will automatically update your version of Adobe Bridge, and you will have access to the core feature set as well as features specific to both product suites. Adobe Bridge is also available separately in After Effects 7.0, Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, Adobe Audition 2.0, Encore DVD 2.0, Illustrator CS2, Photoshop CS2, GoLive CS2, and InDesign CS2.