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  • Increase revenue through a cross-channel approach as traditional print media declinesDeliver stunning email marketing at the right timing to increase sales.
  • Stay on the forefront of technology to maintain success in digital
  • Balance consumer and advertiser needs with creative, relevant advertisements


Key products used
Adobe Marketing Cloud including the Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Campaign solutions Adobe Professional Services 

Breaking ground in digital news


While some newspapers are struggling with dwindling readership, Telegraph Media Group remains one of the most popular news groups today. Since 1885, readers have turned to The Daily Telegraph, a daily broadsheet paper, and its sister paper, The Sunday Telegraph, for breaking headlines and award-winning journalism.
Telegraph Media Group has remained competitive in part by successfully transforming into a mixed media business and actively embracing digital innovation. Back in 1994, Telegraph Media Group became the first newspaper group to have a website. Today, millions of readers visit to find current news stories, exclusive web content, and streaming video.
“We may be a leader in digital news, but to maintain success, we have to continue innovating,” says Chris Taylor, CIO at Telegraph Media Group. “As we work to keep our website and apps fresh, we need a solid creative and technology roadmap to stand out in a loud, crowded media market.”
One of the keys to becoming a headliner in digital is speed. Readers expect the latest news and features as they happen. Telegraph Media Group decided that an updated content management system was in order, along with insight into readership that can connect readers with more relevant experiences. The company relaunched its websites and improved experiences with Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Campaign, all part of Adobe Marketing Cloud.
Redesigning the front page
Working with Adobe Experience Manager, Telegraph Media Group developed modern, clean, and fast websites. Support for the ‘Sightly’ template language allows Telegraph Media Group to quickly roll out new content, new features, and even new websites in weeks instead of months.
“It’s not surprising that we’re seeing a lot more traffic from mobile, but it can be difficult to deliver rich mobile experiences,” says Toby Wright, CTO at Telegraph Media Group. “Adobe Experience Manager Sites uses responsive design to help us create websites that look great on both desktop and mobile devices, without needing to manage two separate sites.”
“I’ve worked in other newsrooms that claim to be web-first, but the Telegraph is the only place that feels like a truly multiplatform newsroom,” says Taylor. “With Adobe Experience Manager Assets, journalists can upload content and immediately publish it to the web, or adapt it for print, mobile apps, and social media feeds.”

Deliver AWARD-WINNING news across channels
TARGET ads to customers for greater returns
Increase REVENUE by increasing visitor time on site
Easily deliver MOBILE-OPTIMIZED content

Insight from the front lines
Engagement is a key focus for Telegraph Media Group. Using data from Adobe Analytics, Telegraph can optimize links, recommendations, and page design to keep readers moving from one article to the next, spending more time on and ultimately generating more revenue for the company.
“Analytics is vital to what we do,” says Wright. “One of the biggest benefits of Adobe Analytics is how we’re getting the numbers into the hands of the people closer to the business. Dashboards are so easy to use that we can open them up to the marketers and editors in charge of content. People are excited by how Analytics helps us not only understand our audiences, but also gives us actionable, real-time information to drive business.”
Telegraph Media Group worked closely with Adobe Professional Services to uncover deeper and more meaningful customer insights. “We don’t have the time to investigate every feature in Adobe Marketing Cloud,” says Wright. “We tap into the expertise of Adobe Professional Services to help us understand where we’re going with innovations and get the most out of our investment.”
Reading more into audiences
Whether through Analytics or information provided by subscribers, Telegraph Media Group gains a great deal of insight into what readers want. Adobe Campaign allows Telegraph Media Group to segment readers by known interests and online behaviors to deliver more relevant content. For readers, this means receiving possible emails that highlight news stories and opinion pieces or promotional offers that capture their interests. For advertisers, this information can help target interested audiences in creative ways and achieve better returns.
“As a brand with a long-standing heritage and reputation, we want to use data in ways that benefit our readers and advertisers,” says Taylor. “Understanding our readers allows us to tailor advertisements to audiences who will appreciate them. We can also find better ways to deliver ads such as through sponsored content or interactive solutions.”
By balancing the needs of readers and advertisers, Telegraph Media Group can continue to bring world-class journalism to more people. “We’re seeing a mixed digital economy where people are consuming news across print, but also tablets, smartphones, and many other platforms,” says Taylor. “Adobe Marketing Cloud gives us the tools that help us embrace a diverse digital presence and expand our role as news leaders.”

"Adobe Marketing Cloud gives us the tools that help us embrace a diverse digital presence and continue our role as news leaders."

— Chris Taylor, CIO, Telegraph Media Group

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