Get the conversation started. And keep it going.

Making meaningful connections with your customers builds loyalty and confidence in your brand. Adobe Experience Manager Communities makes it easy to curate, moderate, and elevate a wide range of social content (forums, blogs, social components, etc.) so you can have meaningful customer interactions. Use the Experience Manager platform to make your community experience personal and consistent across mobile and other channels.

Increase engagement on your site.

One of the best ways to build loyalty with your customers is to give them a voice and a connection with other customers. Offer those opportunities through message boards, reviews and ratings, forums, and more.

Encourage communication.
Build public or private groups that allow users to follow their desired people and content, and direct message other users.

Offer reviews and ratings.
Enable user evaluation of products, services, and content with review and rating capabilities.

Develop relationships.
Let customers connect directly with 1-1 messaging, inboxes, and the ability follow people and content.

Moderate with ease.
Use bulk moderation tools to quickly act on community-generated content, including flagging, editing, deleting content, and banning users when necessary.

Turn UGC into SEO.
As users add their content, optimize their contributions for SEO and organic searches, helping you attract more like-minded customers.

Measure engagement.
Know who is on your communities, what they’re doing, and what effect it has. Use data measurement to optimize engagement.


Go from good to great with Adobe Marketing Cloud integration.

The power of Experience Manager Communities is in the integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud and its solutions. For instance, Adobe Campaign ties your communities to your broader campaigns; Adobe Target helps you personalize your content; and Adobe Analytics uses insights from all of your channels to inform your communities.

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