Targeted recommendations give the people what they want.



Suggest the content and products that will get your visitors to respond.

Instantly present visitors with personalized recommendations for additional items. Adobe Target automates the entire process, so you can quickly deliver relevant suggestions and easily monitor their impact.

Features of targeted recommendations.

Automated recommendations
Create, test, and manage automated recommendations, such as cross-sell and upsell, across channels.
Marketer control
Change algorithm settings or modify recommendation layouts without having to rely on IT with the intuitive interface built for marketer use.
Built-in A/B testing
Continually monitor recommendation results. View visits, clicks, and purchases with conversion lift data through the reporting interface.
Set your recommendation testing to automatically deliver the best performing variation in real time to the appropriate segments.
Analytics data sourcing
Automatically sync activities, insights, and segments between Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target for deep analyses based on segments and KPIs.

See how it’s done.

See how achieved a 23-fold ROI in a single year.

Skullcandy used recommendations in Adobe Target to increase upsell revenues by 30%.

Lessons from the personalization pros.

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