Custom HTML Store API Reference

This JavaScript API provides the tools you need to add scripts to a custom store-front page that communicates with the Digital Publishing Store server. You can make this store-front available to viewer designers through Adobe Viewer Builder, so that they can embed it in a viewer. A custom store-front can allow viewer users to:

  • Purchase subsciptions that entitle them to view and download items
  • Log in with their credentials
  • Discover what items are available
  • View, purchase, and download items from the store

Use the links on the left to get detailed information for each of the JavaScript API functions. For many of the calls, you must provide callback functions to handle the result of the operation; details of the callback syntax are also provided.

The API makes use of these terms.

device An electronic device that can be used to view and download folios offered by a digital publishing store.
folio A digitally-published item offered for purchase and download by a digital publishing store. Identified by a unique identifier (such as an ISBN), and also by a product identifier unique within a particular store.
folio state A server state constant associated with each folio that tells you whether the folio can be purchased, downloaded, viewed, or updated, and whether such an operation is aleady in process for it. See Folio States.
receipt A record of a transaction with the store server. Each store defines its own receipt format.
store In this context, a server that offers digitally published items for sale and download, to users who are authorized through purchasing a subscription.
subscription A user's purchased entitlement to download published items from a store. Subscriptions have a term of validity. A user must authenticate according to store requirements, and have a currently valid subscription in order to view and download folios.