Welcome to the Enterprise Toolkit (ETK). The ETK provides IT-centric details about Acrobat products on the desktop, mobile devices, and in the cloud. What would you like to do?

Configure services integration with the desktop product.
Administration Guide Learn about pre deployment planning and integrating services with the desktop product.
Wizard Documentation Learn how to tune the installer so that selective services are enabled in the product once deployed.
Preference Reference Use this dictionary of 500+ registry and plist preferences to fine tune your product. For services details, see Workflows, cCloud, and so on.
Learn about service suppport in Reader Mobile
Enterprise Guide for Reader Mobile Learn about the latest enterprise features, JS API support, and so on.
New Features Learn about the latest features, including support for EchoSign.
Other Mobile Apps Learn about other applications tailored to your mobile device.
Reader Mobile Help View the online Help for iOS or Android and learn about Acrobat.com integration.