1   Feature configuration

1.1   Installer locations


Click on the Locate Installer folder icon located on the right side of the input text box to select the input installer.

1.2   Serialization


Enter a serial number in the Provide a serial number input box to pre-serialize the package. The serial number should contain exactly 24 digits after stripping the dashes and spaces. If the Grant Offline Exception option is checked, only Volume serial numbers may be entered.

1.3   EULA acceptance


Check the Accept End User License Agreement checkbox if the individual selecting the checkbox is accepting the EULA for all end users. When checked, end users will not be shown the EULA on product startup.

1.4   Disable Registration


Check the Disable Registration checkbox to make the following UI changes for all end users on application startup:

  • Users are not prompted to enter or create an Adobe ID.
  • Sign-in dialogs do not appear.
  • Product registration is also disabled.

1.5   Browser Integration


Check Disable PDF rendering in browsers to disable browser integration. By default, the product is integrated with web browsers. During UI install workflows, this integration is apparent in the Custom Install dialog where the browser plugin is checked by default. Disabling browser integration disables this option.

Installation type


1.6   Online activation


Check Grant Offline Exception to create an installer that will not require online activation. In this case, end users will not be required to go online to validate the serial number or activate the product. This option requires a volume serial number; otherwise, the Customization Wizard will fail with the error code 14.


The default workflow with Acrobat XI is that if the user doesn’t go online within first 30 days to validate the serial number and activate the product, the application stops working. A working internet connection is a pre-requisite for this option. By default, this checkbox is checked on when Customization Wizard is launched.