4   Troubleshooting

4.1   Logging

The Customization Wizard creates the log file at ~/Library/Logs/Adobe/CustWiz.log. If for some reason log file creation fails, the log is dumped to the console. If the Grant Offline Exception is checked, logs are also created at /tmp/oobelib.log.

Common Error Codes
Code Description
1 The Acrobat XI Installer Package could not be read.
2 The destination Installer package exists and is not writable.
3 The XML file generated for embedding inside the installer could not be read.
4 Invalid arguments passed to the script which modifies the package.
5 Could not expand the Input installer package to process.
6 Could not flatten the expanded input package into the output package.
7 Failed to embed the XML file generated into the package.
8 Could not remove the temporary expanded package.
9 The featurelockdown plist is not readable.
10 Failed to embed the featurelockdown plist into the package.
14 The APTEE tool called from within returned an error. See /tmp/oobelib.log for details.

4.2   Known issues

If end users launch FormsCentral before launching Acrobat, they are asked to accept the EULA even though the “Accept End User License Agreement” checkbox was checked in the Customization Wizard. To resolve this issue, place a blank file with no extension named eulaAccepted at /Users/USER/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.formscentral.FormsCentralFor Acrobat/Local Store/eulaAccepted where USER is the account name for each user account on the Mac. Alternatively, you can add it to the Default User Template to prevent any users created in the future from having to accept the EULA: /System/Library/User Template/English.lproj/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.formscentral.For msCentralForAcrobat/Local Store/eulaAccepted

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