The Acrobat.com services APIs are a collection of REST APIs that provide access to the functionality that powers Acrobat.com. These APIs allow you incorporate our document manipulation tools into your applications and services. Once authenticated, you can make HTTPS calls to convert documents to PDF, export PDF to a variety of file formats, combine multiple PDFs into a single file, and manage files in the cloud.

This document is intended for developers who want to integrate Acrobat.com’s services into their applications. Application development requires a knowledge of RESTful services, JSON structures, and the APIs described here. Like many popular REST services frameworks, Acrobat.com provides a uniform API for accessing its services. As available services evolve, developers can leverage existing skills and applications when they integrate new features.


Interested in API access?

The APIs in this beta release are being offered to a small number of selected partners. If you are interested in participating in this beta program or if you would like to access the APIs in the production release, take a moment to submit our Interest Survey.

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