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TestFlight — class, package com.adobe.ane.testFlight
This class is responsible for TestFlight integration in an application.
TestFlight(takeOffToken:String, setDeviceIdentifierToken:Boolean) — Constructor, class com.adobe.ane.testFlight.TestFlight
Creates a new TestFlight instance.
timestamp — Property, class com.adobe.ane.gameCenter.GameCenterMatchInvite
Contains a String representing the timestamp of the invitation
title — Property, class com.adobe.ane.gameCenter.GameCenterAchievement
Retrieves the title of the achievement, as configured on iTunes connect.
title — Property, class com.adobe.ane.productStore.Product
Localized title of the product.
TODAY — Constant Static Property, class com.adobe.ane.gameCenter.GameCenterLeaderboardTimeScope
Defines all possible values of timeScope.
TOP — Constant Static Property, class com.adobe.ane.stageAd.StageAdAlign
Specifies that the StageBannerAd is aligned to the top of the Stage.
toString() — method, class com.adobe.ane.productStore.ProductEvent
Returns a string that contains all the properties of the ProductEvent object.
toString() — method, class com.adobe.ane.productStore.TransactionEvent
Returns a string that contains all the properties of the TransactionEvent object.
toString() — method, class com.adobe.ane.stageAd.StageAdEvent
Returns a string that contains all the properties of the StageAdEvent object.
Transaction — class, package com.adobe.ane.productStore
Transaction(productIdentifier:String, productQuantity:int, identifier:String, date:Date, receipt:String, error:String, originalTransaction:com.adobe.ane.productStore:Transaction) — Constructor, class com.adobe.ane.productStore.Transaction
Creates a Transaction instance.
TransactionEvent — class, package com.adobe.ane.productStore
The ProductStore class dispatches a TransactionEvent object when transaction details are obtained from the App Store.
TransactionEvent(type:String, bubbles:Boolean, cancelable:Boolean, transactions:Vector$com.adobe.ane.productStore:Transaction, error:String) — Constructor, class com.adobe.ane.productStore.TransactionEvent
Creates an TransactionEvent object that contains information about the transactions
transactions — Property, class com.adobe.ane.productStore.TransactionEvent
Transactions details.
TWITTER — Constant Static Property, class com.adobe.ane.social.SocialServiceType
Specifies that the social service type is Twitter
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