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Forms and form fields

Reader's PDF form features include:

Bluetooth keyboard navigation

To help you use all your devices and peripherals and speed up your use of forms, Reader supports Bluetooth keyboard navigation in forms.

FormsCentral field validation

Support for client side form field validation on FormsCentral streamlines and speeds your form workflows.

Creating mobile-friendly forms

See this infographic to learn how to create a PDF form that can submit form data back to the FormsCentral online service. This workflow requires Acrobat XI Pro and a subscription to the Adobe FormsCentral online service.

LiveCycle Server support

Reader supports files secured by by password security via Adobe LiveCycle Rights Management Server as well as document revocation. For details, see the Mobile Enterprise Guide.

JavaScript API support

Reader supports the use of JavaScript for form field calculations as validation as described in the Mobile Enterprise Guide.

Forms FAQs

Does Reader support dynamic XFA forms?

No. Reader supports Acroforms (forms created by Acrobat's form tools) but not the XFA forms created with LiveCycle Designer. Some forms can be filled in and will appear to work, but when you open the forms on another viewer (like the desktop Acrobat or Reader), the data isn't there.

Are forms calculations supported?

Not yet on iOS.

Why does the form I completed on my device appear blank elsewhere?

There are several possible reasons: