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Navigate and find content

Find content with features such as:

You can always return to the Home page by tapping the middle of the screen and choosing Documents when the toolbar appears.

When viewing a PDF, tap the middle of the screen to bring up the tool bars.


If a document contains bookmarks, an icon appears in the lower right toolbar.

Changing the scroll mode

  1. Tap the document once to show the menus.
  2. Tap the document icon.
  3. Choose an option:

Finding the last viewed PDFs

You can always see a list of recently viewed files by choosing Recents from the Home page. If a file has been uploaded to during the current session, a cloud icon appears next to the file.

Tap zones

In the Single Page view, use the tap zones on the left and right edges of the screen to jump backward and forward.

Jumping multiple pages

When your PDF document has five or more pages, a handy scrubber bar appears when you tap the middle of the screen. Slide it left or right to quickly move across your document.


When a document has attachments, you can navigate to them quickly by using the pop up menus:

  1. Tap the document once to show the menus.
  2. Tap the paper clip icon in the lower-right hand corner.
  3. Choose the Back button to return to the main document.

Smart zoom

Double-tap anywhere in your document to zoom into the exact content you want to see. Reader analyzes the document and fits the view to the column of text under your tap. Double tap again to zoom out.

Go to page

Find a specific page in long documents by using the Go To Page feature:

  1. Tap the document once to show the menus.
  2. Tap the page number in the lower left of the document.
  3. Enter a page number in the Go To Page dialog.
  4. Choose OK.