This document is authored by the Adobe Customer Training/Partner Enablement Group, with major portions of the content written by Thomas Burleson of Universal Mind, the Delegates content written by Leo Shuman of Adobe Customer Training, under the guidance of Matt Boles.

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Introducing Cairngorm

(Jul 14, 2008)

Learn the basics of building Flex applications using the Cairngorm framework.

Managing data on the client

(Mar 24, 2008)

Use the methods of the ArrayCollection class tofilter, sort, and manipulate data in the Flex client application.

Providing XML to controls with E4X

(Mar 24, 2008)

Use ECMAScript for XML to manipulate XML data for use with Flex UI controls.

Developing interfaces for RIAs: Displaying data using the DataGrid control with Flex

(Nov 05, 2007)

Learn how to use the DataGrid control to display and customize complex data in rows and columns.