Buck DeFore is a developer and writer for the Adobe documentation team.

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Animating with ActionScript 3

(Jan 17, 2011)

Learn the the most popular and useful ways to use ActionScript in Flash Professional to create animations, including animating with frame events, animating with the Tween class, animating with Motion XML, and sequencing animations.

Programming with the Array class

(Nov 30, 2010)

Learn all about using arrays in ActionScript 3: types of arrays, modifying the contents of an array, sending elements of an array to callback functions, and searching for elements in arrays.

Working with symbols and the Document class

(Nov 23, 2010)

Learn how writing ActionScript in external files avoids the drawbacks of coding on specific frames in the Timeline, and because they can be edited without the authoring tool, both designers and developers can work in tandem.

Making user interfaces more accessible

(Nov 23, 2010)

This article covers basic tasks you will encounter when creating accessible Flash content.