Dan Carr is owner, lead developer, and trainer for Dan Carr Design in San Francisco. With years of experience developing for Macromediaand Adobe, Dan has created a range of features available in Flash,including e-learning templates, UI components, and Developer ResourceKit extensions. Dan teaches Flash design and ActionScript classes inNorthern California and develops e-learning and web applications forthe public, as well as for Adobe product teams.

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Using Adobe Media Encoder CS5

(Dec 06, 2010)

Learn about the stand-alone video encoding application that lets you encode audio and video in a variety of distribution formats.

Formatting text for localized Flash projects

(Jun 14, 2010)

Learn how to create Flash applications that display multiple languages using ActionScript and text formatting techniques.

Understanding ActionScript 3 debugging in Flash

(Jun 08, 2010)

Learn the basics of debugging and understand the most common issues that occur in debugging ActionScript 3 projects in Flash Professional CS5.

Creating animation in ActionScript 3

(May 10, 2010)

Learn how to programmatically create motion effects to move, resize, transition, and fade movie clips easily in your Flash projects.

Combining animation and ActionScript using Flash Professional CS5 and Flash Builder 4

(Apr 30, 2010)

Get an overview of the Flash Builder and Flash Professional integration features by creating a simple character animation controlled by an ActionScript class.

Producing audio for the web using Soundbooth and Flash

(Aug 10, 2009)

Prepare and control audio with ActionScript 3 for playback in Flash Player 10.

Web video template: Showcase website for personal video

(Jul 13, 2009)

Build a video showcase in Flash that displays multiple videos.

Web video template: Spokesperson presentation with synchronized graphics

(Jul 13, 2009)

Bring corporate-type presentations to life on the web by synchronizing text with the video.

Skinning the ActionScript 3 FLVPlayback component

(Jun 16, 2009)

Create custom web video controllers to provide unique user interfaces for navigating through movie content.

Deconstructing the ActionScript 3 Flash video gallery application

(Jun 02, 2009)

Examine the inner workings of an application designed to display a collection of FLV files with thumbnails for easy navigation and playback.