Dan Carr is owner, lead developer, and trainer for Dan Carr Design in San Francisco. With years of experience developing for Macromediaand Adobe, Dan has created a range of features available in Flash,including e-learning templates, UI components, and Developer ResourceKit extensions. Dan teaches Flash design and ActionScript classes inNorthern California and develops e-learning and web applications forthe public, as well as for Adobe product teams.

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Using Adobe Media Encoder CS4

(Jun 01, 2009)

Learn about Adobe Media Encoder CS4, the a stand-alone video encoding application that lets you encode audio and video in a variety of distribution formats.

Using Flash CS4 and Adobe AIR to build custom browsers for e-learning and social networking

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Explore the Flash CS4 and AIR components workflow and learn to build and customize a sample AIR application.

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Flash video template: Video presentation with navigation

(Mar 17, 2008)

Customize this Flash template to play your own video content based on user interaction.

Setting up a Flash project for local and network playback

(Jun 25, 2007)

Create Flash content for local and web delivery by understanding the various playback features and deployment options.

Formatting text for localized Flash CS3 or CS4 projects using CSS, HTML, and ActionScript

(Jun 18, 2007)

Learn how to create Flash applications that display multiple languages using ActionScript and text formatting techniques.

Flash Video Template: Video Presentation with Navigation

(Jan 16, 2006)

Integrate a video clip with a custom background graphic and a series of navigation buttons for easy cueing.

Customizing the FLVPlayback component

(Sep 12, 2005)

Customize the look and feel of the FLVPlayback component and controls using prebuilt skins and custom UI components.