Dave Jacowitz works for Adobe on the platform documentation team, which produces the Programming ActionScript 3.0 and ActionScript Language Reference manuals (among many other things). While not working on Flash, Flex, or ActionScript, Dave plays guitar, travels, and likes to go hiking and camping with his wife and kids. And he likes mint chocolate chip ice cream. A lot.

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Loading images and Library assets with ActionScript 3

(Nov 30, 2010)

Learn several strategies that leverage ActionScript 3 to dynamically load images and assets from your Library, as well as from local and remote locations, so you have complete control over when and how assets will appear at runtime.

Using ActionScript 3 drawing commands

(Nov 24, 2010)

Learn about the advanced drawing API in Flash, as well as a basic drawing API example so you can understand the evolution of the entire drawing API.

Color correction in Flash Player

(Nov 23, 2010)

Get up to speed quickly on how Flash Player 10 (and later) handles color correction.