David Wilson Brown attended Appalachian State University with a double-major in Politicial Science and Communications (with a concentration in Broadcasting). David has had a varied career including: a theme park character; intern on Capitol Hill; camera and graphics for a Top 30 market news station; corporate event producer for a Top 5 bank; video editor and videographer for a monthly golf show on Regional Sports Channel; and internal webcasting for a former Fortune 500 company. In 2001, David sought out formal training to expand his self-taught skills in web design and found a connection with ColdFusion. David began his current career at Europa Sports Products, the national leader in Sports Supplements distribution in January 2005 as its sole web developer. David is now Lead Web Developer, responsible for the company's total web direction. David has brought the company new technologies such as building an enterprise SharePoint farm, pushing the website forward using Adobe Flex.

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