Fumio Nonaka is a freelance ActionScript developer and Adobe Community Professional with 10 years of experience. He is also an Adobe certified instructor of Flash Professional. He has contributed to Adobe TV and has participated in several seminars, including presenting at Adobe MAX Tokyo as a speaker. Fumio has written many ActionScript books and frequently posts blog articles to JActionScripters.com.

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Working with Text Layout Framework objects and classes in Flash

(Nov 15, 2010)

Learn how to create formatted TLF text objects, incorporate XML data, and separate content from formatting to achieve advanced typographical effects.

Deploying projects on devices with touch panels

(Oct 04, 2010)

Learn about the new events to enable interactions of multitouches and gestures with touch panels, implemented in the InteractiveObject class.

Catching errors globally to facilitate troubleshooting

(Oct 04, 2010)

Learn about the UncaughtErrorEvents class was recently introduced to handle errors in Adobe Flash Player 10.1.

Displaying the audio waveform captured from a microphone

(Oct 04, 2010)

Capture audio samples from the input of a microphone by recording audio samples and dynamically drawing the recorded sound waves.

Dynamically drawing a vector instance that contains elements

(Oct 04, 2010)

Adobe Flash Player 10 includes many improvements for ActionScript, one of which is the way it implements the Vector class, which could now be called an optimized and typed Array.

Leveraging code snippets and using enhanced code hinting

(Oct 04, 2010)

Learn about the new Code Snippets panel, a code library that is very easy to use.

Manipulating springs of an inverse kinematics bone for animations

(Oct 04, 2010)

Expand your ability to control parts of an animation using inverse kinematics by applying the effect of a spring to an IK armature.