Günter Schenk started building private, small-scale static websites in 1997 and has localized software and websites for foreign clients, such as Guitar Pro and Audio Compositor. He has also been a freelance musician for about 23 years, playing guitar, bass, balalaika, and banjo as well as teaching and recording sessions from Classical music to punk. From 2000–03 Günter served a couple of regional customers (mostly industry, theater, and arts) with more serious and demanding websites, which started to contain something that became more and more fascinating to him: PHP and database interaction. He acquired his knowledge the "hard way," by coding, reading instructions and manuals, and testing approaches with care, something he still considers a virtue.

Since 2004, Günter has been employed by a former customer, a Turkish real estate company, where he manages their German customer support and advertising agency. In addition to selling their homes and hanging out at property exhibitions, his major and rather self-imposed tasks have been actually something much cooler: developing their multilingual websites, designing a custom-made property database which included all the bells and whistles like enquiry tracking, and feeding other custom-made areas like the distributor area, CMS systems, etc. During this period, Günter became a "Team Interakt" member, which turned out to provide great in-depth training and give him the chance to collaborate with a wonderful bunch of folks.

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