H. Paul Robertson is an ActionScript Developer/Writer for the Platform Developer Documentation team at Adobe Systems, Inc. Previously he worked as a web applications developer and co-authored Macromedia Flash 8 Advanced: Visual QuickPro Guide (PeachPit Press) with Russell Chun. Paul is a Certified Flash Developer and holds a Masters degree in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University. When he's not programming web applications, writing about web applications, or teaching about web applications, he spends his time collecting kitchen gadgets and trying to achieve his three children's level of mastery of Legos, Star Wars trivia, and other equally important subjects.

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Creating a simple ActionScript 3 class

(Nov 23, 2010)

Learn how using your own classes can make programming easier by allowing you to organize your ActionScript, group related functionality together, and hide details when you don't need to see them.