Jeff Chastain has been developing software applications using object-oriented programming for over 12 years and has been developing web applications with ColdFusion for over 8 years. He has experience in a variety of industries, from Fortune 500 companies to his own consulting practice. Currently, Jeff is an applications architect and systems developer for Alagad, Inc., and contributes to the blog at

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The United Way of America: A technical case study of rapid application development with ColdFusion 8, Ajax, and Flex

(Dec 20, 2007)

Hear how this development team from Alagad enhanced three key features on the UnitedWay volunteerism website with rapid application development with ColdFusion, AJAX, and Flex.

Using DDX to unlock the potential of PDF manipulation in ColdFusion 8

(Sep 17, 2007)

Learn how to use DDX with the new CFPDF tag to give you the most control over PDF documents in ColdFusion 8.