Joseph Labrecque is primarily employed by the University of Denver as a senior interactive software engineer specializing in the Adobe Flash Platform, where he produces innovative academic toolsets for both traditional desktop environments and emerging mobile spaces. Joseph has contributed to a number of respected community publications as an article writer and video tutorialist, and is author of Flash development for Android cookbook (Packt Publishing, 2011), What's new in Adobe AIR 3 (2011 O'Reilly Media – ISBN: 9781449311070), What's new in Flash Player 11 (2011 O'Reilly Media – ISBN: 9781449311094), and coauthor of Mobile development with Flash Professional CS5.5 and Flash Builder 4.5: Learn by Video (Adobe Press, 2011).

Joseph is also the proprietor of Fractured Vision Media, LLC, a digital media production company, technical consultancy, and distribution vehicle for his creative works. In 2010 he received an Adobe Impact Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the education community. Joseph serves as an Adobe Education Leader and Adobe Community Professional.

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