Marco Scabia, PhD in Electronic Engineering, has been into academic research for several years at the University of Florence. As a researcher, he worked in the field of ultrasonic echographic systems, and he developed a real time hardware-software acquisition and 3D visualization system of the blood flow in the human body by means of the Doppler effect.

Marco Scabia is now founding partner and technical director of unit9 s.r.l., the Italian branch of unit9, and over these past few years he directed several Flash based award winning web productions for digital agencies such as Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, DDB, BBDO and for clients such as Adobe, Philips, Toshiba and AT&T.

His true passion is the development of 3D games, especially in Flash. Marco Scabia is developing an educational resource for 3D development in Flash using Stage3D called iFlash3D at This new self-sustaining resource aims to bridge the world of serious hard core coding to that of casual game production.

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