Pedro Claudio is CTO of InoveCE and a ColdFusion, Flex, and RIA consultant andinstructor for companies and government agencies. He has been developing webapplications with ColdFusion for almost ten years and with Flex for almostseven years. He developed the Twitter API ColdFusion Component (CFTwitterLib).Pedro is a co-founder of CFUGBR and is currently the manager. His work has beenpublished in numerous electronic magazines and printed magazines. He isregularly involved in conferences, events, courses, and meetings, as anorganizer, speaker, or participant. To contact Pedro, visit hisblog.

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Accessing ColdFusion ORM from Flex 4 applications

(May 10, 2010)

Explore a sample application that uses Object Relational Mapping to access data from a ColdFusion back end via a Flex front end.