Peter Ent is a Computer Scientist at Adobe, working on the Genesis project. Prior to this, Peter worked for Adobe Customer Care as a Flex Support Engineer and then as a Technical Account Manager. Before joining Adobe, Peter worked in the financial services industry at State Street and Fidelity Investments. He also has experience at two start-ups building software applications doing imaging and molecular modeling. Peter holds a bachelor of science in Computer Science from Syracuse University. Visit Peter's blog.

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Understanding Flex itemEditors – Part 3: Using itemRenderers as itemEditors

(Mar 30, 2009)

Use one class to display and edit the data by employing itemRenderers as itemEditors.

Understanding Flex itemEditors – Part 2: Editing events and complex editors

(Mar 09, 2009)

Use events to make more complex itemEditors that do some simple data validation.

Understanding Flex itemEditors – Part 1: Inline itemEditors

(Jan 26, 2009)

Create an inline itemEditor by simply naming a class and creating a complex class right within the MXML tags.

Understanding Flex itemRenderers – Part 5: Efficiency

(Nov 24, 2008)

Get the tips and techniques for coding and controlling your itemRenderers efficiently.

Understanding Flex itemRenderers – Part 4: States and transitions

(Oct 14, 2008)

Learn how itemRenderers can change their visual appearance based on either the data itself or the user's actions.

Understanding Flex itemRenderers – Part 3: Communication

(Sep 22, 2008)

Learn how to communicate with itemRenderers using listData and events.

Understanding Flex itemRenderers – Part 2: External renderers

(Aug 25, 2008)

Write your own external itemRenderers in Flex.