Sébastien Arbogast is a French software architect and an IT consultant for Axen in Brussels, Belgium. He's particularly interested in all technologies that make it possible to build elegant software including rich Internet applications, OSGi, and model-driven architecture.

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The Flex, Spring and BlazeDS full stack – Part 3: Putting the application together

(Jul 20, 2008)

Learn how to expose the Spring to do list service and consume it in a Flex UI via BlazeDS.

The Flex, Spring and BlazeDS full stack – Part 2: Writing the to-do list server

(Jun 29, 2008)

Implement a back end for the to-do list application using Spring, Hibernate, and MySQL.

The Flex, Spring, and BlazeDS full stack – Part 1: Creating a Flex module

(Jun 02, 2008)

Configure the basic project structure to build a standalone Flex application.