Tom Green is a professor of interactive multimedia at the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Toronto, Ontario. He is the author of several best-selling books in the area of Flash and Flash technologies. His latest book is Foundation Flash CS5 for designers, coauthored with Tiago Dias. Tom has completed DVD videos for, InfiniteSkills, and Adobe Systems and is a regular contributor of tutorials to and He is also an active member of the Adobe Education Leaders and Adobe Community Professional groups, speaks at conferences and seminars around the world, and contributes regularly to the Adobe Developer Connection in the areas of Flash authoring and video technologies.

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Guide to Adobe Edge Preview 4

(Feb 21, 2012)

Recreate a sneak-peek banner ad for a fictional car company with Edge Preview 4, using Symbols, Web Fonts, and Clipping features.

Beginner's guide to Adobe Edge Preview 3

(Nov 01, 2011)

Learn how to apply and use the various animation and interactivity features of Adobe Edge.

Beginning FMS 4.5 – Part 6: Using HTTP Dynamic Streaming

(Oct 25, 2011)

Learn to stream over HTTP with HDS instead of RTMP, as well as balance HDS and RTMP for multi-bitrate streaming scenarios.

Beginning FMS 4.5 – Part 5: Streaming with OSMF players

(Oct 11, 2011)

Learn how to stream video with Strobe Media Player using the Open Source Media Framework.

Beginning FMS 4.5 – Part 4: RTMP streaming audio

(Oct 04, 2011)

Stream audio into a Strobe Media Player available to you through the Open Source Media Framework.

Beginning FMS 4.5 – Part 3: RTMP streaming live video

(Sep 26, 2011)

Create live video streams from your own webcam or other sources.

Beginning FMS 4.5 – Part 2: RTMP streaming on-demand video

(Sep 21, 2011)

Stream media files using RTMP with the video-on-demand service and develop a simple video application using ActionScript.