Trevor McCauley is a quality engineer at Adobe Systems who works heavily with Flash and Fireworks. Prior to working at Adobe, he worked as a developer for a production company creating various kinds of multimedia and web-based content. In his free time, Trevor develops Flash and Fireworks content for his personal site,, and moderates forums on popular Flash-related sites such as,,, and

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(Oct 15, 2008)

Review the security changes in Flash Player 10 to determine whether you need to modify your existing content to ensure compatibility.

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(Aug 25, 2008)

Use the new EventDispatcher class to track mouse interactions and create your own custom events when building applications in Flex or Flash.

Pixel Building sample

(Mar 08, 2007)

Pixel Building is an example of "pixel art" in Fireworks where elements are created on a pixel level and sport a pixelated look.

Creating Fireworks Panels – Part 2: Advanced Custom Panel Development

(Nov 14, 2005)

Learn more advanced panel development, including interface design, working with the exchange of information between a custom panel and Fireworks, and taking advantage of additional features, such as Fireworks events.

Creating Fireworks Panels – Part 1: Introduction to Custom Panels

(Oct 10, 2005)

Learn how to create custom panels that unlock hidden functionality and improve your workflow.