Check out these samples—fresh from the Fireworks community. Explore them to learn what you can develop with Fireworks CS4 and later.

Prebuilt CSS templates

Prebuilt CSS templates

Matt Stow

Use this sample template to make the most of the CSS Export feature in Fireworks CS4 and later.

Animated logo

Animated logo

Zsolt Szekely

Create an animated 3D-like GIF logo using Fireworks and learn best practices for implementing them in animation projects.

Media player skin

Media player skin

Nikola Borisov

Learn how careful use of the Pen tool, the Combine Paths feature, the Subselection tool, and Live Filters in Fireworks CS4 and later allows you to design creative elements for a custom user interface.

Web 2.0 elements

Web 2.0 elements

M. Hammad Bhatti

Create glossy buttons in Fireworks using simple layered effects.

RokWebify website design

Andy Miller

Use this design to modify Joomla! CMS templates, or as a starting point for creating more advanced website layouts.

Pen and gradient tools showcase

Rodger Fuller

This website concept design highlights Fireworks features such as the vector pen, filters, layer effects, masking, and powerful bitmap handling.

Website layout and logos

Ryan Smith

These samples show a simple website mockup and clean, attractive vector logos created only with Fireworks.

EffectiveUI development workflow

Lance Christmann

The illustrations in this sample show how capable Fireworks is at creating 3D-like illustrations with 2D tools.

XD Brownbag poster

Ryan Hicks

XD Brownbag Poster shows the usefulness of the gradient opacity controls in Fireworks and the Ellipse gradient's multi-handle directional controls. Use them to draw in a way that mimics the real behavior of light.

Pixel Building sample

Trevor McCauley

Pixel Building is an example of "pixel art" in Fireworks where elements are created on a pixel level and sport a pixelated look.

Reflect Ball image

Reflect Ball

José Angel Rivera Domínguez

Reflect Ball is comprised of editable vector objects that can easily be moved around or flattened into a bitmap for more custom effects using the bitmap tools in Fireworks.

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Recolor image


Angelo Sabal

Recolor is a complex design pushing the limits of Fireworks using both bitmap and vector tools.

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Blueprint Logos image

Blueprint Logos

Angelo Sabal

Blueprint Logos contains a large collection of logotypes created in Fireworks that you can deconstruct to understand how they were developed.

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