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The demand for eBooks is accelerating rapidly — as a percent of trade book sales, eBook sales tripled year over year in the first five months of 2010.* For book publishers, distributors, retailers, and consumers eager to seize this opportunity, Adobe offers a comprehensive software solution for authoring, securely distributing, and reading digital books on computers and a wide range of mobile reading devices.

Authoring — cost-effective workflows

The Adobe Digital Publishing Solution for eBooks leverages Adobe® InDesign® CS5 software for authoring, which enables publishers to integrate eBook publishing into their editorial workflows using software and skills they already have — instead of retraining designers or using costly third-party conversion houses. In addition to PDF, InDesign allows book layouts to be output in EPUB format, the industry standard for producing documents with text that reflows automatically to fit different screen dimensions. By exporting book layouts from InDesign to standard file formats such as PDF and EPUB, publishers can author content once and then deliver it cost effectively to computers, smartphones, tablets, and a wide variety of dedicated e-reader devices.

Digital Publishing Solution for eBooks

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Adobe offers a comprehensive eBook software solution for authoring, managing, and securely distributing digital books.

Content protection — secure content distribution

The Adobe Digital Publishing Solution for eBooks equips copyright holders to protect their work and monetize their content through secure distribution. Using Adobe Content Server 4 software, distributors, retailers, libraries, and publishers that sell direct can encrypt and manage the rights on the eBook files they distribute, selling or lending rights-protected eBooks in either PDF or EPUB format. By supporting PDF and EPUB — open, industry-standard formats — the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution for eBooks eliminates the constraints of proprietary file formats and distribution strategies. Publishers remain free to set and pursue their own business models, experimenting and innovating as they choose. Content Server 4 can be easily integrated into existing e-commerce sites, library websites, and other distribution infrastructures using industry-standard technologies.

E-reader device manufacturers and third-party developers can participate in this open eBook ecosystem by licensing the Adobe Reader® Mobile software development kit (SDK) to support PDF, EPUB, and eBook content protection functionality within their own devices and applications.

Delivery — flexible cross-device purchase and consumption

Readers want choice, flexibility, and ease — to buy or borrow books and read them on their preferred reading devices. They don’t want their choice of a device to be dictated by a publisher or distributor. They don't want their reading selection narrowed because a book they want to buy won't work on their device. They don't want their reading habits constrained because they can't transfer a book from one device to another or share a book with a friend. By supporting open, industry-standard file formats, the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution for eBooks provides an environment in which readers can freely acquire books from a wide variety of sources and read them on a wide variety of devices.

To optimize consumers' reading experience on desktop and laptop computers, Adobe offers Digital Editions, a free, lightweight reading application for Windows® and Mac OS that allows eBook consumers to organize and view their eBooks. Using Digital Editions, consumers can download and purchase eBooks and transfer copy-protected eBooks from a personal computer to other computers or devices.


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