Meet the makers.

Get to know some of the students whose work is inspiring us right now. And find out how they #madethis.

Angelica Baini

Angelica Baini | Type design
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Sue Montoya

Sue Montoya | Photography
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Michael Canty

Michael Canty | Automotive design
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Nicole Lavelle

Nicole Lavelle | Graphic design
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Nika Tang

Nika Tang | Fashion design
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Ricardo Moreno

Ricardo Moreno | Architecture
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Campus MovieFest


When the world’s most original students meet the world’s largest student film festival, anything can happen.

Campus Movie Fest

Your World Alive | 01:27

Distinguished Filmmakers Network
(director Matt Lincoln)
Campus MovieFest

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The Adobe Creative Cloud Layer Challenge


See how students from these schools put their own mark on a Photoshop image by adding new layers.

Layer Challenge School of Art Institute of Chicago - Before


Layer Challenge School of Art Institute of Chicago - After


Layer Challenge Santa Barbara - Before


Layer Challenge Santa Barbara - After



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