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3D game development

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Mockworld uses Adobe® Director® to create 3D casual games.

Adobe Director 11.5 and Adobe Shockwave® Player software help you take your games to a whole new level. Director 11.5 features DirectX 9 support for native 3D rendering as well as H.264 video integration, 5.1 channel surround sound, and integration with Google SketchUp for access to many ready-made 3D models. The included NVIDIA® PhysX™ engine adds advanced dynamic motion and realistic interaction to your games, and with support for Adobe Flash® Professional software — including video created with Flash — Director helps you create more engaging experiences. Easy cross-platform publishing lets you deliver your games for Windows® or Mac desktops, where the majority of users are ready to play your game online with free Shockwave Player.

Enjoy robust, flexible authoring

Combine content in more than 40 major file formats, apply rich filter effects, and add sophisticated interactivity.

Extend your capabilities

Work with your favorite Adobe Creative Suite® 4 software, a host of third-party Xtras, and full JavaScript compatibility.

Create richer games

Capture and hold gamers' attention: Play full-screen, high-definition video in your applications thanks to H.264 integration; make your games sound as real as they look with 5.1 channel surround sound and real-time mixing; incorporate video created with Flash technology; and rapidly create rich 3D environments using 3D models available via Google SketchUp and Google 3D Warehouse.

Deliver almost anywhere

Easily localize your 3D games for international markets with Unicode support. With the click of a button, publish multiuser games for Microsoft® Windows XP and Windows Vista®, PowerPC® and Intel® based Mac desktops, and single-user games for the web.

Adobe Director in action

Check out these web-based 3D games developed in Adobe Director:

Phosphor  icon


Experience the 3D world of Phosphor, a multiplayer first-person shooter game from Rasterwerks.

Club Marian icon

Club Marian

Join the party at Club Marian, a massive social hangout from Maid Marian Entertainment where you can chat, dance, drive, and create music in a fun 3D environment.

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